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 Welcome to the City of Azusa Permits Portal.  
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 Make sure your address is correct and up to date on your
 vehicle's registration and your driver's license.
 You can update your address with the DMV online.
 After updating your address,
 print the confirmation and upload it with your required documents. 
 Please note    
 * Permits must be affixed on the vehicle to be valid, otherwise you are subject to be cited * 
 You will be required to upload documents for verification.
           Commercial Permit - Identification, Proof of Business and Vehicle Registration
          Residential Permit - Identification, Proof of Residency and Vehicle Registration 
                                 Residential Permits - 3 free and $25.00 for additional permits
                                Commercial Permits - 8 free and $25.00 for additional permits  
 Accepted file types: jpeg/PDF/png        
 Maximum file size: 2 mb max
 If you are requesting a guest permit,
 be sure you are connected to a printer as you will need to print the permit.
 Your computer must allow pop-ups so that you can view and print your guest permit. 
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